Very Merry and Bright

Pre-Christmas blahs have set in around Paradise. It is the great expectations of the propagandized generation.(s) Lower the expectations and voila - stress falls off.

No expectations here - I am working Christmas and happily so. There is no one to put a stocking up for, no sitting down for a meal with family, no nadda. How wonderful! Being a Christmas elf for others suits me far better. As always, in helping others I can forget myself - those maudlin parts.

Before there was a label for it, I was a Goth in a world of Beach Boy wannabes. An Elvira before Midnite Theatre aired in my area. A big weirdo my sisters said. Altho the kids now think of me as boringly straight and staid, it still is an effort to get up and out that door every day. Left to my own devices, I would not venture far. I DO NOT venture far. For Christmas Day, I can do it with no effort at all. That is what Christmas is for me - doing something of value for someone else.

Of course I do get double overtime. But I would do it anyway.