My Birthdayness

Opening my eyes to my birthdayness, I allowed it to settle upon me.
Once ensconced in it, my hand flew to my mouse to check my Gmail.
Yes yes I know.....

There was a message from he_who_works_for_Uncle_Sam. Sorry he cant engage in felicitations but he leaves this morning at 1030 for Iraq. Strange he would be deployed on my birthday.
Wonder who chose THAT flight.

Apart from my feelings on the whole Iraq-America conflict, I have a horror of anyone I know entering war zones. He does not believe himself to be much at risk despite the fact of his uncommon height. Large target. I have bad feelings about this....

Back to the birthdayness-
Also in the Inbox was a cute E-Card. Very nice indeed.
I then took myself out for breakfast, went and bought myself a heavy winter coat for dogwalking in colder weather, and stopped in on the Office Christmas soiree. I gave the Union sponsered party a pass last night. I dont do nights well, if at all. So fully loaded on delicious treats I came home to:

A dozen roses from my evil twin brother. Beautiful red roses. He is so thoughtful.

A three course Japanese food dinner followed by gooey cake.
I feel sick@!^%$%#@

Whilst at my fathers, where aforesaid gooey cake resided, I idly picked up the Church bulletin from last week and noticed a memorial service for Vern Dahl.
I had to sit down.
I love Vern.
Now THERE went a gentleman.

Vern is another uncommonly tall man. He retired from a fabulous job in the RCMP to Paradise here and lost his beloved wife not long after. I met him at a Church function. We continued our friendship at the local A & W our Thursday breakfasts. And sometimes Fridays too! Over the last 3 years we developed a mutual affection. He was too olde for me but we had a good flirt. We were doing just that not 3 weeks ago.

Apparantly Vern had prostate cancer and did not know it until too late. Diagnosis was 3 weeks before death. THAT is a shock and a loss. No wonder our date didnt pan out. (!!)

So another year older.