The Pain of Enduring.

Another exercise in grace.
Another series of object lessons.

I sat in a room of 14 people all who work with me in the field.
I listened to the concerns and voiced a few of my own.

I work with some wonderful people. Almost all of my coworkers are people I would not hesitate to trust my life to. Amongst the pearls there are a handful of ten year+ employees that have something else going on.

The something else is a strange disconnect between what the Policy and Procedures of our region are and what they actually do in their practice. It is all about safe practice.
For me there are only two issues : Health and Safety --- is it safe? is it aseptic?T

These people of the something else never report incidents that put their co-workers at risk unless forced to.

So the meeting continue. We address the regional no lift policy.
No, they have no concerns.
My eyebrow goes up.

Interesting because in the room are two of the something else who several times a week violate the regional no- lift policy. They consider it to be stupid to call in another worker for a 3 minute transfer. They take the risk. But when they are not available and someone new is sent in, the new person is now at risk. And the new people get hurt.

These two of the something else never bothered to report 5 serial incidents where their client took a swing . They agreed that he really did not mean to hurt anyone.

We are all different.

I sat across the room watching.
They contribute __Nothing__ say __Nothing__

Where do we get these people?
Did they actually go to College?
Or were they *grandfathered* in?
Is it coincidence that they are supremely confident that they know best?

Sometimes when I get pissed off on the job, I have been know to say: I am not your boss. I am not your supervisor. I can only be my own best person, just as you must be for yourself. If you have some problem report it to your supervisor. I aint your supervisor. But for heaven's sake report it.

This post was prompted by finding out that two of my coworkers were injured in a place where the no lift policy was violated. Repeatedly.