RIP Hubert

Hubert, our fish, lived in an outsized brandy snifter on the dresser in the other bedroom.
Hubert was decidedly low maintenance. Seemingly content with his lot he lived a loved life.

I came out of my long lovely hot shower to a screaming roomie.
"Were you in my room? Did you touch my door? Did you slam something?"
A few more questions and I asked what was going on.

The snifter lay shattered on the floor. Hubert lay quietly dead.

I think the sudden cold low temperatures caused the glass to contract too suddenly . I think.
I once had a man make me an etched glass mirror in Art Noveau style for my December birthday. He had worked on it for a few months and it was breath-takingly lovely.

I brought it home in my car, and hung it up on the wall. The night was cold, the wall was an outside one and the next morning there was a huge crack right across the mirror. A pattern destroying one. To this day he thinks I dropped it carelessly.

Bye bye Hubert. That was an ignomious way to go.

and yeah - roommate suspects I slammed a door.