Car Rant -- and meds rant --- and and and...

My car is a very sweet little Pontiac Grand Am SE. Although she is getting on in years, she looks pretty damned hot for a 1999. My car is equipped with every extra available for that model that year including the very smart rain guards on all four windows. When you live in the Rain Forest that is one smart option.

Although my car looks fantastic it has a teeny tiny issue with brakes. Ok it is a big fat issue.
It goes through front brakes one set per year.

The last time I got the brakes done, I paid extra for the top of the line callipers and rotors and blah blahsie blah and yes, here we are one year later and AGAIN with the brakes. (grrrr)
Apparantly this is a recall issue in the U.S of A. but not here in Canada.
Always a price for paradise.

rant 2 is the tired old brain meds one.
About once every three months I get a very nasty side effect and one that is potentially fatal. I throw up in my sleep. I have been lucky. I wake up a micro second beforehand.

So yes once again I am considering this cruel reality.