The Best of Both Worlds

A wonderful thing about working for the Government in Health Care is that someone else does the intakes, the administrative work and writes the cheques.

A wonderful thing about working for myself is that I can work full scope. Before you start thinking I am a wanton giver of catheters and enemas, a big nooooo to that. Working privately you can actually voice an opinion with your name attached to it. When you work for the Government your voice is only about the task involved. That is it. You may think as you choose but watch what you say as you represent our Health Care system. I like to tell my (government) clients:

" I am just the hands. You need to talk to the brain."

Works every single time.

I am kinda choosey about private care. I get the most satisfaction from Palliative Care so that is primarily what I do. I am not particularly interested in privately bathing and dressing people. I like a challenge.

This coming year I am considering a change. A big change. I am thinking I would like to renew my license and work full scope. This would mean working a set number of hours to keep my license. Remember, this is how I lapsed it - not working full scope.

To renew I have to go to school again. Upgrade.

There is a big huge part of me that wants to go back to being the BIG boss. Must be my age.
What to do?