Weird dreams

I remembered to write down some keywords from a very vivid and strange dream.
Believe it or not I was dreaming about the Empress of Blandings .. ( yes, yes I know, stranger than strange)
Okay, so I consult the paper that I jotted down keywords, thinking I would remember everything....
The list reads:
" Empress, Jello, pool, 6th husband"

Uhm, okay....
+- +- +- +- +-

Antibiotics finally got my immune system to reboot. I feel alot better altho I am still completely deaf in my left ear which is still feeling *full*. The mass on my jaw is loosening. My teeth, although still sensitive are tolerable. THANK YOU GOD!

+- +- +- +- +- +-

A good score for me. 75th anniversary edition of *Dracula* starring Bela Lugosi.
I have a soft spot for Lugosi thanks to Nightmare Theatre (late nite highschool tv on a friday night), Chris Houston's rant about Bela Lugosi being *buried beside my record company* ("I aint losing it" on the Evil Twang "War of the Dudes" early 90's release. Or was it 89?
----and----- of course from my Goth days, or is that my poseur days? or hmm, just like listening to deep voices intoning melodious atmospheric music days, BAUHAUS
I still love that damned song.

Don't tell ye olde thrift shoppe but my jeweller training allowed me to buy a hollow gold bracelet. $6.99 Hell yeah. Not as good as the day I found a 60 pt VVS2 diamond earring there in a platinum setting for $2.99 but still very satisfying.

While at the Sally Ann, the very nice clerk laughed when I commented on my usual gleanings of shiny things and candles... I spotted a key chain under glass for 50 cents, It was a pester crown with three charms hanging down; a tiny crown, a VW bug style charm and an elongated shoe. The key chain was engraved in large letters - QUEEN OF THE ROAD.

The only way it could have been better was if it was either queen of the fucking road or queen of the whole damned road. As I asked her to include it in my booty haul, and made my shiny thing comment, she laughed and said loudly:

" I see. I want. And I shall not be denied."

ok, uhm yeah. Busted.