Show tomorrow...

I am uncharacteristically nervous. I love the stage and the stage loves me. I know it will go well and noone really cares about the things that I stay up obsessing about.... as in which of my many seemingly casually off the cuff remarks to trot out when the sound guys miscue or someone forgets a costume and I have to *do the blah blah* for a few...

Could be all this buggery ailing about has me down. Still not quite right although much better. I never did get the hearing back in that ear fully, and my energy is not what I would like but I am most assuredly better. My immune system needs a good shot of HEALTH points.

Tomorrow I get the G- Rated crowd as I opted for an afternoon gig.
Gramas and mommies and kiddos.
God help ém.

There is some kind of party tomorrow night but I am going to give it a miss.
I cannot afford to take any chances at the moment. And bugger it all I cannot even sip a drink.
All these damned chemicals swirling about inside me.
*The no-fun* version of me.

Okay I actually have somethings to say but I am too tired.

Send good energies.