Should have, could have, would have

It is called INTUITION for a reason. Sadly, mine was correct.

I sucked at the show. I mean, I really sucked. It surprised me, as I am usually spot on.
I even had some shakes goin on. ( !! )

I arrived 35 mins before show because of another committment. When I walked in to a full house, I realised I had gotten the time wrong. It was 5 minutes to show. *Five*

The Stage Manager did not have a mic for me set up. "Öh, do you need one?"
--ya think?
Anyway I sucked. Gave my cribs to someone else for the later performance.
Apparantly he did NOT suck. Thats great. My day is done.

Perhaps I won't do the little theatre gig this summer.
It's been awhile since I did a bad job. I wasnt totally bad, but noticably not good.
We all have bad shows. Like bad days they are best forgotten.