Shiny things

Believe it or not, after 7 years of blogging it all out loud, ranting and raging and spitting into the wind, I am jest about talk-ed out.

That's right you heard me.... talk-ed out!

I deleted the old blog in a moment of unclear on the concept, but this one is going to stick around.
Likely I will start posting about my beloved shinies.
The things I cannot change continue on. New day, same old shit, and being shit I need to flush it.

I can't change the world, only my own mind. I try to be kind every day and share joy.
I live in hope that all the good people are doing likewise and better, and thus the world is improved. Actions are imperative. Talk is cheap.

So - shiny things! Let's hear it for Shiny Things.
Shiny, glittery, loverly things.

Todays shiny thing is the curtain on my wall. I have no idea what the symbol means.
But its cool.
My thinking regarding symbols is that they mean whatever you imbue them with.
--- posting picture later when I get batteries for digicam