The Big Pills.

The big pills are orange.
They are almost as big as the green calcium ones so many of our clients take, but are even denser. The big pills look to me like they could choke an oliphaunt and yet they are prescribed for a small, thin, elderly woman who must take them four times a day.

The big pills must be taken at set intervals for a prescribed length of time.
Missing a dose here or there can result in the condition for which the pills are being prescribed continuing to thrive in its host body.

The big pills are self-administered and our employees just check in on things to make sure things stay in sync. Apparantly, we have been remiss in our duties.
There were more than seven of the big pills laying about here there and everywhere.

No wonder people do not get better on demand.
Not that they ever did, but the odds are always better when it's good medicine.

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