Magnetron *OFF*

(Magnetron *ON* - - - IT'S ALIVE!!)

Quietly eating my breakfast whilst doing my crossword when a gentleman signals me from across the room. He is a familiar stranger, one of those who frequents the same places at the same times I do. Although I do not know him, I know OF him from the old fellas who cross my path. They do not care much for him as it seems he is a braggart, by their standards.

He looks at me and speaks in an almost courtly manner. It comes off as sincere if slick. I am curious to hear what he brags about. It does not take long, in fact he asks me if he is allowed to brag. Yes, he uses that very word.
"Go ahead", I say and away we go. I listen AND do the crossword at the same time as he brag brag brags some more. He has alot TO brag about it seems but when he mentions he got an Academy Award I am incredulous. There is a chance of course that he is a minor player in his field, or a major one for that matter, but an Academy Award? hmm, unlikely. There is also the chance that he has some sort of brain dysfunction and means something other than what he is saying. I have come across that before many times. I still listen but I am plotting my escape. Not that he is annoying me - he is rather charming in fact but I have things to do and he does not. He is at least 25 years older than me and although I love and enjoy conversation I am not really looking for an older boyfriend. I could talk myself into it I am sure but work is work and social is social - I do not want to be a caregiver in my private life unless it is to my own progeny.

As I leave he stops me, standing in that mannerly way, and asks me out for dinner.

(magnetron OFF)

Really, I must fiddle with my settings some more and do a little fine tuning. Many is the charmer I have met in my life in theatre. Many are the men of immense charisma I have crossed paths with. I know the different types well. One thing I can spot easily is the person who wants you to want them and will engage themselves fully until that is achieved - afterwhich it is a question of doing their bidding. The other niggle is that someone who has led the life of a successful professional entertainer in Vegas and LA has been very very much out and about. I am completely convinced that he has indeed led that life- the life of a World Class performer - specialist in his field - especially after using Mr. Google to check.