In the line of work I have chosen, situations parallel each other. My eyes see the line of humanity, all different, all the same. The sketches of each situation are like embryos, each so alike until the process of gestation defines the differences.

One of the embryos is a clone. Many many of these selfsame clones inhabit our area. The clones name is ALS. This awful disease takes everything away from the person hosting it.My clientèle matures as do I, and the number of people I meet professionally with this disease increases, evermore.

After watching the declines, it is my thought that those whose breathing muscles go first are the lucky ones. The alternative is that you watch your body shut down, bit by agonizing bit, and you become 100% dependent on other people for your personal care, indeed for everything. Like so many things, this is hardest for those with Type A personalities. Loss of control. Loss of everything.

I am thankful that I have had some very bad experiences with some of these clients as I have learned some very invaluable lessons. I am a person who loves to learn. If I fail at something I need to know how and where I failed not just why. I also need to try it again and apply my insights. There was a terrible experience this week for my client and myself. I am looking forward to betterment.