Look Up!

Today the winds were perfect for flying. The sun was shining and the beach beckoned. My dog was beckoning as well so it seemed a perfect idea to walk the sands. The no dog restriction was lifted May 1st so Mr. Fluffy-Pajamas and I joyfully strode out along the shoreline. I was just about to let him run free when I looked up. Way up. An eagle was pacing us from a few hundred feet in the air. A companion was soaring higher but also way too interested in our progress. I did my anti-cougar stance raising my arms high over my head and trying to look as large as possible. The big birds flew away. They have several places along the bay they can sit and survey the action so out of sight for me does not necessarily mean out of their sight. Every year people lose small dogs to eagles in exactly this way. I know my dog. He would have put his butt down and scooted like a very fast rabbit across the beach happily. And those lightning fast eagles would have descended in a flash to claim him.

Look up.