Living with Creative People -or- Zen and the Art of vintage leather chair buying

Anyone living with a creative person knows what that likely means.
I live with a very creative younger person who LIKELY could win national awards for mess.
Why put up with it? For starters we are related, if you take my meaning.

My own minor creativity comes out in writing, playing games, and, yes, moving the furniture around. -heh

When I moved from my castle to the current micro-estate, there was a surplus of many everythings. It was difficult to decide exactly which of what to keep once it became apparent that this was home for a few years. My teeny tiny cozy condo was purchased for $59,900. The current value is just a lick under 200. The castle I sold for $155k is now worth a cool million.
It is a small regret since at the time I could no longer afford the maintenance, but harder to say bye-bye to that ocean view and the nature trails. Prices have soared as the masses are here. Entry homes are $300k. ( I should file this under: my real estate rant)

So now.... whilst sauntering through my local Sally Ann- what to my wondering eyes did appear but a black leather chair, twin to my beloved at home. This chair was overpriced as some Einstein told the staff that just the arms sell for $50. I dinno about that. I subdued my inner cheap gene, bought it and scratched the bejeez out of my car's leather upholstery cramming into my old pontiac to bring home. And? It is, alas, not a twin. it is a cousin at best. (grrrrr)

Now, after rearranging the living room a few hundred times, I am bracing myself for the inevitable fireworks when my firecracker comes at last home. The taste of crow is anticipated.

Do as I (try to articiulate coherently) mean, not as I (inevitably) do.