Burning questions answered...

Ok, ok, enough with the email.

Yes I know I do not go out of my bubble very often, it IS my life after all. (doh)

Yes, I did actually buy myself souvenirs. Perhaps not quite the conventional type.
Aside from the haircut, I bought myself a Nintendo DS and the Brain Age 2 cartridge.
(and the Final Fantasy one, and the Flash Focus one, and Mario...)

When I took the Brain Age quiz, my first results were staggering.
The first brain age test is this rock, paper, scissors thing where you answer orally.
Sometimes it asks you to win and sometimes it asks you to lose.
It, uhm, took me a few go's to get into it.

My brain age score was accompanied by a little tsk tsk-ing. "That's quite a bit more than your actual age, isn't it?" it said. My brain tested in it's 80's.
--- ouch ---

After 10 days on ye olde DS I have gotten it down to 58 years of age.
Still awful but getting there.

My neuropsychiatrist had a good laugh.

I also bought myself an amber necklace. And some dyed seed pearls.
That's all though.

Okay, back to my DS.