The Big Relax-o (continues)

It is a work day. I hear the alarm going off. In the distance, I hear one of my chiming clocks strike. *one **two *** three ****four *****five ******six *******seven
-eh? Seven?

Yuppers, seven.
Luckily today is the day I start at seven with the old Army veteran who will be up, fed, dressed, meds taken, and only wish a game or 2 of crib. I use my travel time later in the day to catch myself up. I am getting lackadaisical. Aint it grande?

Lucky doggie-boy, no time for a walk means inbetween clients many many mini-walks.
Lucky me, I get to enjoy some sunshine.

After training my brain, I pick up Sharon Kay Penman's "Here be Dragons."
A little history with my fiction.

Today Beowulf opens. Lady D and I will attend on Tuesday.
Life, she is good today.