Lady Di and I left our demons in sleepytown and ventured out to catch the matinee of Beowulf.
It was quite disheartening to discover our theatre only supported 2D. (buggerit) This gives us an excuse to venture down to Victoria for IMAX. -- perhaps even next week. At any rate once the disappointment of 2D left, we settled in to watch the epic.

I am not the kindest of critics -- all this opinionation in me bursting forth at inconvenient moments (see ""blog"") and I must constantly edit even this site to remove outbursts inappropriate, but - like Mikey -- I liked it. Lady Di liked it. We liked it - we really really liked it.

Naturally on the way home we stopped in to Chapters to check the script book and a side by side olde english and translation copy over hot beverages. I cannot wait to see it in 3D IMAX.
But for now this was cool.

A personal snort for me was when, in the car on the way back, Lady D told me that she found Beowulf incredibly attractive. I wished I could play for her right that second then, the interview on the Beowulf site with
Ray Winstone where he comments on his stellar bod.
His body is about as magnificent as mine.

--alas alas

Wonder if he takes brain meds too?

Anyway, I told her they hired him for his voice and bravado, but the butt was all special effects.

I cant wait til I can have my own CGI self.