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Floating about the job site smiling at all I see- - -
and I was!

Being mother's Day this past weekend, many families were in evidence around various homes of my acquaintance. I went to my delightful Z-z to find leftover families doing everything I was there 90 mins for, but hell- that doesnt stop me. We just yapped about and did small tasks together, whilst Madame Z sat munching her toasts and refusing her meds as she felt we would leave once the meds were taken. " Ä telling statement,"said her son.

We were having a great time until I asked the younger woman about her husband in the next room. "Hey now! That's my brother not my husband." she entreated.

I knew that. Damnit. I did so know that.
"That was a sick sick thing I just tried to do to you. Strange and unnatural and oops even."

The son is a retired IBM guy very straight.
He came in and shook my hand.
"It was great meeting you! I am so glad my mom has you twice a week. Now I have the face for the stories and yes, that was a sick sick thing you tried to do but I forgive you."

Believe me, it is my pleasure and privilege.
All mine.

love being me