New Piercing?

Helping out a co-worker today and she moved in real close and looked me over.
"Cool! You got a new pierce!"
It was a statement not a question.

I had to think for a moment.
Ah yes I put a nose-stud in.

"Where did you get it done?"

I got it in Little India in 1987. In Vancouver. A little East Indian jewellers made me stand against a wall as he slowly screwed a curly jewel into my right nostril. It was an 18ct yellow gold curly nosering with a diamond at the centre. I wore it for 6 months before changing it for a more simple ring. I used to wear a *Japanese* nosestud for years.... plastic and invisible, which works well in a society where conformity of dress is mandatory for student of expensive education.

For some reason my nostril isn't liking this new tube thingeee I have in now.
Perhaps I just need to shower more.