My delirius enjoyment of unfettered jaw and teeth lasted all of 4 hours.

The hour and 20 appointment of the morning was to cut off the wires and brackets. It did hurt a bit on the left side due to pressure. The removal was a lot faster and more pain free once the Doctor came in and used the power tools to cut through things.

Once free of all hardware my teeth were polished and then impressions of both uppers and lowers were taken. I had four hours to kill until my return for the new appliance.

During those 4 hours, I never thought to eat something chewy, I just cruised around town doing my regular schtickt. Back in the chair 4 hours later, I was horrified to learn that in that small time, my teeth had shifted slightly. This, then, would be why I must wear the clear plastic appliances 24/7 for eight weeks, taking them off only to eat or drink. They did get the appliance to fit after much pressing and pulling. (read: more pain)

Eight weeks from now, I go for a followup and hopefully can proceed to wearing the appliances only at nighttime. YEAH!

Last night I had a little parasomnia episode. How do I know?
There were 4 chocolate pudding cups in my bed *AND* the ice cream container.
Do I remember? hmmm only slightly. I recall being hot. My mouth was hot.

Today, I took my appliance out and ate a 12 oz steak for lunch. OH YEAH!
For dessert I had ANOTHER steak- 8 ozs.
Oh yeah, I so did!

Brushed and put the appliance back in.
This is working well.

YUMMY STEAK. Been a long time.