(cue pursuit of happiness song)
] Moe knows! [

Trying to remember a few things from the 80s is for me a Herculean task.
My memories are faulty from that pesky brain injury trouble. Not just faulty --- positively unreliable. I think I know what I was up to but I am not completely sure.

Did I play with any Vancouver bands? I probably did.
But did I really? hmm. Did I? I know I was there. I know I was on alot of stages.
But music??
I ranted with a few.... hmm hmm
It was more about "Theatre" for me at that time.
But DAMNITALL I can't remember.

hmm hmm
  • Mistress of Ceremonies - yes,
  • Board Member - yes,
  • scenester - yes,
  • dilettante- yes,
  • drunken moron - yes,
  • party-harder - yes yes and yes!

Actually it is my fervent prayer not to be remembered as I have some pictures I have censored mightily over the years for compassionate reasons... family you know....

Thank the Lord there were no digital cameras back then or who knows what blackmail would be going on. Truthfully: although drunken and awful I was never a whore (that I remember) although it amused me no end to have a bad reptutation. After all, my perogative was the whole fuck you thing. Putting on my suit and going to my super straight job with blue and purple hair felt incredibly empowering at the time. But do I remember what exactly I was up to? Other than the shows in Theatre? And TheatreSports?
No I do not.

This is probably a good thing.
L7 never became L8. heheh
I was slapped a few times and had a few dust-ups with other gaudier females who thought I was a shit. I woke up in a few busses in other cities with people I support- - -
Maybe I am a *never was* ...
except: I am deliriously happy with who I am now. Olde and cool.
Possibly olde and deluded but who cares.

Inserting my favourite quote about biographies courtesy Yul Brynner (notorious liar, exaggerator, bon vivant and actor):
"The facts of my life have nothing to do with the realities of my existence."

Yeah, too too true.
Singing with bands? Likely.
Playing wth bands?
- - not sure anymore.