Let's Send Her out for some *help* dear

RepoMan was the best film I thought I had seen in ages. I laughed, giggled and basically scared the neighbours with my unbridled glee as I watched and rewatched my taped off whatever the PaYTV channel of the time was onto my VHS recorder.

So delighted was I that I insisted upon giving my parents a viewing when they were up my way visiting. Obviously this was a while ago as my mother was still living.

They watched the film in speechless horror as I recited the radiation scene along with the actor playing J. Frank Parnell. afterwhich my mother said:

"Dear-- I really think you should speak to someone."

and my father said:

"Banish those images from your mind before they permanently pollute your soul."
I think he might have even said a prayer. The humour completely eluded them.

Poor old Mumsies. She was a grand old gal but she really felt sci-fi and fantasy were bricks on the road to hell. As they left for their posh hotel, since naturally staying with me in my godless condo was out of the question-- who knows what fornication may have taken place,-- I heard my Mum whispering to my dad quietly as they exited.

"I don't care what it costs dear. Let's send her out for some help. Someone skilled in such matters. This can't go on. Lord knows where it could end. "

My dad whispered conspiratorially back:
"Drugs, darling. I am sure of it."

awww bless their hearts, they were so cute.