Anguish & Redemption

The smallest of things can change the course of a lifetime. Things you take for granted can turn around and bite you leaving scars. Things you never think about can wind up propelling you into territory uncharted.

Here are a few things that changed me forever, for good or bad.

Anguish: That fucking baseball bat Sherry Kitto threw.
Redemption: The car accident that revealed the damage done.

Anguish: Dr. Ritfuckingtenberg
Redemption: Delrene Stade

Anguish: Death of a Parent
Redemption: Discovery of a new and better skillset.

Anguish: A Nursing teacher who absolutely hated me.
Redemption: Completing the Diploma and receiving the award for Outstanding Student for scholarship.

Anguish: Discovering my true self.
Redemption: Discovering my true self.

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