Another Sad Farewell

07:30 this morning I am going into the building where so many of my clients live.
I see the manager and she stops me to ask me if I knew Mrs. M.

Well, of course I do, and her use of the past tense does not escape me so I realise what she is about to say. She is gone. Off to join her handsome husband on motorcycles in heaven.

Is it bad of me to miss her so? She is the one who I saw out 3 weeks ago all dolled up. She was on her scooter and looked like a million. "Got a date?" I asked.

"Yes, with my lawyer." She replied.

When I frowned she told me it was best to be prepared. When I frowned more deeply she looked me in the eye and told me how much she enjoyed me and how much it meant to her to have me in her life. It was a goodbye.

She went into hospital for a minor surgery and came out with a respiratory infection.
She was home only 3 days then she had to return. I saw her one more time and she wished me luck with my own situation. Her cough troubled me. I knew when I left I would not see her again. I hate knowing these things.

She passed away yesterday in hospital. Damn it.
My grandmother died a similar way.
It made me just as mad then. If you are in your 90s and you have a cancer leave it alone.
Don't open yourself up and go through all that bother. Live and die with your cancer.

Mrs. M died of pneumonia. Post-operative respiratory infection.
Damn it.

Sad farewell. Very sad.