Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! (Turn and face the strain)

Oh look out you rock and rollers!


Head in a spin, whirling with all the changes, I look around to my Office and see new faces in cubicles, old faces gone, and trainees trying to navigate the system.

A random act of kindness. OOO it was me who did it.
I saw a piece of paper at the bottom of the shiny new copier/everything machine, and noticed the label on top said "Line busy fax not send"

I looked at my co-worker who was waiting for the machine and said:
"If I were a good Samaritan I would resend this for her..."

Of course I did.
What was interesting to me is that the piece of paper had been sitting there for 24 hours. Other people use the machine. Everyone I work with can read. It was an application for an internal posting that this person had sent and left, thinking it was good.

Been fooled myself before too many times, too many ways, I never believe these machines until I have either a verification # or slip in my hot little hands.
So I duly stamped this little form and put it in her file.

Be interesting to see if she gets the job.
Hope so.

On the lighter side, I met two, count em TWO health care workers, one in Nursing one in Health Care Support who wanted to work the dreaded evening shift.

They were both saying things like: Oh I dont know if I can get that posting... should I apply for it?

I didn't say it but I thought it:
"Honey NOONE bloody wants the damned posting thats why its posted yet AGAIN."

Evenings and nights for these women and men on those shifts are awful. High workload, lots of miles, and rarely quiet. It is de rigor to finish your shift on an adrenil high at midnite.

If they want it, give it to them. Happy people are productive people.