Pelted by Leaves

From Dreams to reality; up and out I go into the autumn winds.
It is amazingly windy outside. As I walk along the avenue, I am pelted by maple leaves. They all seem to be aiming straight for my head.

I head to the seaside where the whitecaps are amazing. Two brave windsurfers are out in the bay. One of my kite friends is trying to set up his kiteboarding stuff.
It has been legitimised as a quasi-extreme sport now and has a new name too but I cannot remember it. Fly something or other.

More of my old friends see me and call out: "Where are your kites?"
I just smile and wave.

I miss Ray Bethel and the times from long ago when we flew together outside the Maritime Museum and the big deal was landing your kites on the big sculpture.
Now Ray does the routine he and I did together all alone flying 3 kites.
I miss that. Watching him put on his show was alot of fun. A true people-pleaser. Ray was born to entertain.

I do not miss flying though. I had many golden years and the experience of being with world-class fliers. The memory is enough. I can't stand the sun anymore and I get too cold. What an old lady.

Coming back it is oak leaves smacking into me. I pass the last large Oak tree in this area and sadly note the property is in the rezoning process. Paradise is getting ever more crowded. I see our resident homeless by choice fellow and he is with a woman. (!!) She is completely plastered. Or something. She is my age.
It could be me, under our circumstances. He is holding her up and trying to talk her into going home. To her home. To sleep it off. Nice guy.

Now I too am home.
I am warm in my cozy little place here and happy.

It's coming along. Give it a few more weeks and I may be all right after all.