Wet, Slippery, and (sigh) Cold!

Land of sunshine and flowers. Most moderate climate in Canada. Lowest annual snowfall.... etc etc etc. Someone forgot to remind Mother Nature of these facts this December.

A week or so ago we of the Village rejoiced childlike in the beautiful snowfall showcasing our streets. Down the hill, along the waterfront where it is always warmer, icy winds heralded the unexpected guest. Old man winter came for dinner and stayed overnight. And overweek.

All season tires service my vehicle which is more sturdy than most of it's age and ilk, but definitly are NOT up to a heavy snowfall. It was a moot point in any case as my driveway had been sealed shut by a 12 foot snow wall courtesy of the highway clearing ploughs. Yes, 12 feet! It was whittled down to the 3 foot level by our own Strata hands but it took another plough to get it to the mountable level. A small footpath was the only exit from our lot for 2 days.
Snow removal is something so strange to this area that the local budget is reactionary, not presumptive. Local excavators work 24/7 in these strange times with their heavy equipment. Although we are a highway address we are no longer the MAIN highway and we are a cough away from the bypass. This may seem inconsequential however the reality makes for a lonely time these blustery days.

All week I have been saying I should take some pictures. My mood has not been the best and in protest against this strangeness, no photos have been taken from MY camera. The highlight of the week was opening my front door to four feet of snow. This is a wonder in paradise. But to have it stay unmelted for nigh on 8 days is yet more marvellous.