Birthday Brunch! Or, not!

Happy birthday to me! God bless Facebook for enabling greetings from near and far and making the day special.

The tasty brunch at the local hotspot on the water was a no go due to a sudden and unexpected heavy snowfall. I counted it a Godsend that we made it to my fathers at all. Almost no one else braved the roads, and upon arrival and cancellation of the official plans, our plan B of paying handsomely for delivery food failed absolutely. No one was foolhardy enough. And then a suggestion from the younger set: "Let's ask George! HE is coming for cake anyway."

By gosh and by golly if he didn't acquiesque. NO chocolate dipped strawberries, no 100 item brunch bar, but luncheon fare from Boston Pizza along with a tasty and delicious chocolate birthday cake from Thrifty foods saved the day.

Happy Birthday to ME!!
And God bless us all, everyone!