Hands and Heart. And Happy birthday on the 7th.

My dear friend and favourite fruit Randy is having a birthday bash this weekend.
Alas for work.
I will make it for your 50th my dear. Just give me a few years to get organised.

Randy and I met when he was China Stock and I was Assist. Mgr for H.B.& Sons Ltd.
That was a million trillion years ago. Randy and I both had our issues with that company although we both LOVED our jobs. Don't you hate it when that happens?

In the course of taking an order from my store, we could dish on everything from politics to the Booker Prize all the while continuing our work. We were both excellent workers wasted on bosses who were more interested in their wardrobes than actually making money for the store.

Randy made it his business to know more about Fine China and Crystal than most of his bosses put together and times ten. Instead of mentoring him and advancing him he too was constantly criticized as others advanced. But sometimes life gives you little moments to carry you through adversity. One such event was during a promotion for Hummel figurines. A Million Dollar event with a priceless life-size Hummel accompanying it. A one of a kind priceless 7 foot Hummel which was on display in the China Department.

An audacious very brave pirate sort picked up the display, and departed through an underground mall exit. All this in clear view of thousands. Brilliant, if devious. Jobs and heads on the line, the highly paid managment all went on the hunt. Happily, they got the giant Hummel back safely and then -oopsies- Randy's boss accidently knocked it over and broke it. I think that event was kept top secret until now. (sorry Danny H. for outing you)

We were mainstays of the Vancouver after midnite club for a few years until I reformed and he went on to Higher Things in Other Realms. I sure miss those 4am breakfasts at Doll & Penny's. I sure miss Doll & Penny's! Randy and I almost got married about this time for reasons that will remain shrouded in mystery. (don't you wish you knew!)

Randy's B.Sc. has an Archeology discipline on it, but don't look for him in excavations. His mind so orderly took him to Management with a large chain here in the West until he took himself to Denmark where his amazing diversity led to a career as a highly paid and very respected Technical Writer for a multinational software company. (the bugger!)

In his current incarnation, Randy E. No**an is a Government Employee working for some top secret division or something.....
Or is it a Crown Corporation? It is definitly not China Stock! Randy has a plethora of his very own minions and every time he threatens to quit they give him a vacation and a raise.
Well done!!

SO happiest of happy birthdays Randy dear, and raise a bottle of Bollie for me.

I loves ya handsome!
Happy Birthday! (on the 7th)

**I am posting this on the 3rd so as not to forget.
That is to say, I never forget my dear friend, but I tend to muddle dates and show up at the wrong times.