Ahhhh at last Si senor the Hairy Grill

Never one to accept failure without a whimper or five, I have spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time over the years looking for a legal way to embed my favourite song: Si senor the Hairy Grill.

Ok I cant completely vouch for the absolute pristeeness of this operation but DAMN it works good.

Now if you cannot see what I see in this song picture this:

My punkette dance days/nights at the Love Affair on Seymour street in Vancouver. This song would come on and like lemmings, the girls left the dancefloor and the most colourful mohawked guys came out to play. Its the primal scream. Its just the coolest. Now I had already seen Yello and knew what kind of men they were. Quirky. Eccentric. Complete sonic adventurers but not punks, no not really. A little too wealthy a little too fun. okay, alot too fun. But the scream. I loved it. So I danced and danced and danced to it and every time he screamed I would laugh thinking about how cool we all thought we were and how cool they really were. Rather effortlessly.

Fast forward to the days of kite festivals-
there I am on the big beach at Long beach Washington with my custom kite. It was a GORGEOUS blue with graffiti scriggles all over it. I had made it with Ray Bethel under the Official Secrets Act. "DONT TELL ANYONE WHERE YOU GOT THE TEMPLATE"
It was before free trade with China and our kites were alot heavier than todays versions. We used graphite for the rods. It was a bitch sometimes. But in the Long Beach winds we never had to haul ass like we did in //www.discovervancouver.com/vancouver-canada/vanier-park.asp. Our motto at the time was: A good kiteflier doesnt NEED any wind. And by golly I could do it just as well as anyone. Better than most.

So on the beach with my groovy kite. And my tunz. And the music person comes over and says to me: "We cant play this! Its too.... punk" (Most of the competitors for stunt ballet flew to Celine Dion ...etc)

I laughed at the sheer synchronicity of things. Of course I did have blue and black hair at the time and I was wearing a rather interesting outfit with my trademark "Still Sane" tee shirt. I never got to compete but it was worth it.

I could go back now with the same tune and a modern kite and noone would look askance. WSIKF is big business for stunt kitefliers now. We were in the first wave. And I was on my own wave. Anyway, picture me on the beach with my kite ready for my stunt ballet. Oh btw- I didnt get to compete but for revenge I put my stake about 100 yards from the competition area and my walkman with speakers and BLARED my music and did my routine anyway. The best revenge is a good life.

SO now I am much younger than I was back then - and when I listen to this song I think: ooo sex. This song is like a really good f**k. A spectacular one. I rather suspect this is what was in my head all along. and no wonder every guy I met at the Love Affair on the dancefloor professed undying and very horny love.

So click.
And laugh
And scream - yeah - scream like you mean it.