Holiday Directions

Every long weekend, there is someone new on my list. This is due to the number of people who choose to take holiday weekends off. Sometimes it is also due to people calling in sick at the last minute. I had one or three new folk and some of them had addresses most unfamiliar to me.

The one I went to today had an address in the binders that differed from the ones on the Weekend sheets. It did not match the one in the computer. Three different addresses for the same client. There was nothing to do but call and get directions. I followed the directions meticulously, and wound up driving around a campsite, trying to avoid kids and bikes and weekend holidayers.

I got smart. I called the client. Seems the directions the OFFICE gave me left out a crucial left turn. -heh

All's well that ends well. As I left I heard the gentleman asking his wife, my client if she liked me.

"Like ice-cream" she said. "But better for me."

I will take that as a compliment.