Hello New Closet (Good bye storage room)

Hello New Closet!!!

After living here five years, perhaps I might stay awhile. It is small here and the storage is minimal. This has necessitated the premature ejaculation of many shinies and books and beloved mathoms. -sigh- I have wheedled down to where I no longer want to say goodbye to anything at all. Not long ago I gave away just under 3 dozen of my lesser clocks. It felt like a limb being amputated.

The new closet is not attached to my room, but the second very small bedroom. It is beautiful. White and pristine and in use by the bedroom dweller. But the storage....

(Good bye storage room) (Hello outside clutter)

It is really difficult to get things in order. I did not work at all on the closet so I cant complain there. All I did was come home and oooh and awwww appropriatly. Not enough, I am sure.

My new plan includes giving away many more things.
My limbs are twinge-ing.