Expect Cultural and Privacy Issues ... ?

This was the phrase spoken to me over the telephone as a new client was added to my tomorrow.
I must admit I fretted all day about what on earth that could possibly mean.
"Expect Cultural and Privacy issues"

Well, bugger me sideways with a spoon but the last time anyone said anything like that to me, it was a 50 yr old alcoholic having a welfare wednesday party with a few friends that awaited me.
I was, most definitly on high alert for this one.

Semantics/syntax is everything.
What the phrase should have been was:
"This is a revered Elder. Please show utmost respect."

The client was the equivilant of a Prince, but not that he would have ever told you so.
His Caregiver on the other hand was very mindful of this. I do not blame her at all for wanting the HealthCare team to show deep respect. The gentleman was an utterly amazing force.
He hobnobs all over the world and leads ceremonies and blessings for WorldClass events but he was watching George C. Scott as Patton when I entered.

The home was a treasure trove of articles of cultural importance from all over the world. Given in trade for things depicted in large mounted photographs that adorned the walls. The photographs were of top quality and mounted like paintings. A story in every single room of that home. And yet, there he sat waiting and smiling.

"This is hard for me', he said. " I am not used to this."

Once finished the assignment, I left feeling blissed. It was such a privilege to have been there -
a wonderful blessing he presided over - for me.