In Which I Scare Children and other small animals

So few are the people in my inner circle, their preciousness is beyond all measure.
No one is more important to me than my beloved evil twin.

My errant brother came to visit this weekend.
I love my brother. I want him near me. No matter what happens in life I want my brother to be there.

Evil twins being what they are, we would always support each other no matter what. Alas time and injury have taken from me what perhaps he could most wish to have --- hours in my presence. My days of work are just that. Work and a few hours in which I try to interact a little before crashing. Altho he knew I have the parasomnia thing going on this weekend was his first up close and personal experience.

Apparantly my eyes roll back in my head and my speech is garbled.... almost unintelligible and I stand staring at something invisible. A pretty picture. Apparantly the dog stays well away from me at these times.

Hearing this at dinner in a restaurant in front of other family was difficult.
But on the positive side, it takes the pressure off him. I am the official git of my clan.

When you are grafted from a tree that produces nuts, I suppose it is unrealistic to expect to wake up a cherry blossom.