The Gay 90's

This is the day that everyone on my rotation is in their 90s.
It is rather affirming to see people that age doing well. Happily living in their own homes.
Just requiring minimal assistance with a few basic tasks.

Client 1 was 97
Client 2 93
Client 3: 94
Client 5 : an incredibly good looking 96.
Client 6: 93.

A great way to look at it is this:

One of our former clients lives on in a facility at the grande age of 109. She turns 110 very soon. That means that 30 years ago she was about to turn 80- an age that many people consider to be a great one.

Sobering no?
And best of all she is a healthy 110 to be. She has 90% of her marbles.
She lost some hearing and her knees are shot but mostly she is a sassy smart self-actualised old lady. Go girl go!


Do not resent growing olde: Most are denied the privilege.