A dish on the menu ...

--- So glad it's you.

Sometimes we all need some validation. Am I as good a person as I believe myself to be?
Have I succeeded in my goal of being a decent sort? Am I doing my job with excellence?
Am I diligent and dedicated? Or merely dogged?

Alot of HealthCare professionals and para-professionals forget to validate each other. Perhaps I would be one of them if not for some very good training by my battle-axe Nursing Instructor. I drank in every word she said thirstily, understanding that her decades of experience counted for __much__ where I knew little.

It can be hard to find nice things to say to some people who may not measure up to my expectations of what I believe their job to be, but knowing I likely do not measure up to theirs either, I can always find something to say of a positive nature.

A woman I work with at a difficult assignment noticably tenses while we work. She told me after we finished and had exited the home that she did not think our client liked her much, and that she believed he liked me only a little more. I knew that. He can't stand either one of us. He likes little and cute women who flirt with him to do his care. He does not like strong women who do their job capably and without his input. He needs to keep control of something. It does not bother me much as I know that next year I will not be going to this gentleman as he will be in other realms. As long as I am not the one in the wheelchair I can afford to be gracious. I kill them with kindness. Sometimes I almost choke on it but I do it anyway. It is an important thing for me to do. To be kind. To always be kind. To always be a little kinder than necessary.

Believe me, humble pie is not my favoured dish on the menu.