The Wilds (and other such things)

Here in Paradise there are two distinct classes of people. The very very wealthy and the rest of us. Amongst the very very wealthy are some rather colourful sorts that are land-rich. Mostly, they are children of pioneer types, who carved out acres and acres one hundred years ago. There are more than a few Reserves of the different Aboriginal Nations but the great majority of wealth is held by the companies who hold the logging rights to Crown land.

Only in the last five years has the real estate here gone the way of the bigger cities of the Province. When I moved here I had a palace above the ocean that I paid $144,000 for. It had 3 levels and 4 bathrooms. I sold it for $155k and was content. Now it recently resold for $565,000. Obviously I am not destined to become rich via real estate.

I live in the coziest of cozy condos. 954 sq feet of shiny things. Not worth anymore than about $165k but it is unimportant to me. I love it here. It is the happiest I have ever been in a home. Everything in my space was chosen by me. Does that seem vain? Doesn't matter to me.
I love my home. ~~la la la la love it.

Now being a city girl of course I live in the heart of this tiny city. I am close to everything. Only for work do I venture out to the different areas of this vast district. My usual clientelle reside in the upscale downtown area of our posh bits, but every now and then I get a call to the wilds.

"The Wilds."
There are so many different explanations for the people that reside in this area.
Inbreeding comes to mind. But since discovering the double first cousin marriages in our direct line of ancestors I cannot quibble about that too much. *wink

There is a part of me that wants to tell my today story about the gentleman who stripped naked and walked around his home with his *member* at full attention but I have decided to overlook that.

Maybe tomorrow.
Sleep well.