Out of Sequence

A horrifying hour in the Chair today. Thinking it was a minor appointment, there were no thoughts of implements of torture in my mind as they lay me back. Alas alas.

My Oral Surgeons are very kind and capable. The biggest problem is that my injuries were repaired out of sequence. Cosmetics were the issue in the beginning as bloody mouths, jagged bones and hanging tissues are not socially acceptable. The Insurance Companies suckered me as I had no idea about future complications or alignments of bones. I just wanted my mouth to be normal.

After my inner jaw was *relined* and mu gums reattached, I had crowns done one by bloody one. This was NOT covered by the Insurance Claim but necessary as the broken teeth snapped, fell out or cracked one by maddening one. THAT was the mistake. I should have had my jaw realigned them, but noone told me.

Now I am nearing the end of this hell. The wires mostly do not show anymore as they work to bring the back jaw to a stable position. Some of my teeth had to have brackets on them however because of the crowns, the brackets do not stay on. They snap off at the most annoying times. This is an improvement from the first wires which were on a total of 72 hours when I had a seizure. Lovely, no?

Today was a hard go in the chair.
And hey--- I paid big money for this too.

Remember: if you have an accident jaw, teeth, or any part of your face is broken, get a tough as nails lawyer and sue for big money. You are going to need it. Of course if you can ignore breaking teeth, migraines, popping and clicking and eardrums crunching don't bother.

Mostly right about now I wish I had enough money for a massage. It would be so nice to relax totally and bliss out.

okay, where's the Advil.