An addition to the day was welcome. After all, between the many kilometers travelled in vain, and
the lack of practise of skills, a definite feeling of uselessness enmired me, the futility factor was
in play. There is a strange quirk in my personality; one among dozens, nay-hundreds, that makes me desire above all things to make a difference to someone every day of my life. Some people have suggested this is a co-dependence trait and that in caring that my needs are met. Whether it matters much means nothing to me. I do what I do because I love to do it.

My addition turned out to be a retired Nurse who lives in one of the many waterfront communities.
She was delightful. At one point in our most interesting conversation she stopped suddenly and
looked at me strangely. "I don't know why I am telling you all this."

I hear that exact phrase alot. This is my true skill - pulling from people memories that they hold
dear. The care is incidental really. People tell me all sorts of things all the time and I
appreciate it immensely. In memory we live forever. It is an honour that I carry them with me.

My client told me that she had been an Army Nurse in the Second World War, During her training she was injured rather badly in a training accident. She was very gracious in her recollections although she did say that the Officer involved should have been court-maritalled. After listening to her, I was inclined to think that was too minor a consequence for what he did. And what did he do? He pulled the pin from a live grenade and threw it at her feet.

The blast threw her 20 feet and after she got up from it, noone seemed to know what to do. She
was in a group of 1500 trainees and noone had the presence of mind to do anything sensible. Instead she had to WALK a mile for treatment. And then, the Army Doctor said to her: "Hmm, phosphorous, hmmm." And he looked it up in his Medical dictionary.

Thanks to a very interested involved and engaged family, she now gets a pension from Veterans
Affairs. They had to help her apply for it as the myriad of paperwork was daunting. Amazing that
until that time, she got nothing at all. Just 4 months off to recover from the burns, and then she
was shipped overseas where she met the love of her life. A rainbow at the end of a bad storm.

It would be a great pleasure to be called back to that place. I would love to be helpful to her.
She deserves it and more. At the very least.