The Beach Playlist (for the chick fliers)

-- before you go a clickin on the links be advised that after posting this almost every buggery link was removed due to copyright violations - bleh --
Still a great list to fly to.

"Ready to Go" Republika

"Si Senor the Hairy Grill" Yello

"Hawaii" Young Canadians

"The Temple of Love" Sister's of Mercy

"This Town aint Big Enough for Both of us" Sparks

" The Prisoner" DOA (see me in the crowd there? I'm there)

"Kashmir" Led Zepplin

"We are all Made of Stars" Moby

"Broken Face" the Pixies

"Bela Lugosi's Dead" Bauhaus

" Saved" Swans

" Cocteau Twins

"Strict Machine" Goldfrappe


yeah yeah old but still the coolest.
by far m'dears, by far!