Strangeness in the already Strange

Life with a head injury is never dull. Coping is a committment. Learning to live well takes decades even amongst the non TBI-ed. For me, there are always lessons to be learned and much humbling involved. The greatest of all challenges in my lfe is to keep and maintain balance. My natural good mood and humour takes a turbo jet to the black lands when my rest is disturbed and the holiest of holys in my home is my bed, my lovely bed. (sigh)

The carefully constructed life routine, so revered by me went to hell in a handbasket as the snow grabbed the resort areas and throttled remorselessly. The usual winter here, should it contain snow, only keeps a white frosting for days, usually less than three. Our first snow started December 13th and has not yet melted. More on the way, they say.

Many locals, me included, could not get out of our own driveways for a few days. No work, no pay. I walked, but could not attempt anything outside of our Village centre, and am minus a few hundred dollars. Luckily for me, my contract with JOB #2 involves working on statutory holidays so I was able to recoup somewhat with the two big stats. Not so luckily for me, this meant quite a few days of working double shifts and the loss of two regular days off. My four day work week evaporated as did the three days of great necessity that I get off.

Working for the weekend is common. Loosing said weekend, for one such as I is a nightmare. Day one generally involves me doing alot of sleeping and snoozling so that days 2 and 3 are better. This week did not contain the usual and I am feeling it. There is a woman who can do my shift tomorrow at Job 2 THANK GOD and hopefully by Sunday I will once again feel rested for my double shift. Monday I can rejoice in knowing I am about to get my threes. WOOT!

Banal, but mine. This is my life.

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Jean Paul:
No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned.