Control - Joy Division

At long last, the film by Anton Corbijn is playing in a theatre I can get to in under four hours. As a very young person, I embraced the music of Joy Division as that of similar souls. In my youthful brain the thought probably went more like this: "Finally - someone who thinks like I do. Wow. Are they ever deep." To my sister, it was: "Mom - Pepper is listening to that music to commit suicide to again." Ah diversity, such is life.

Another film, a documentary entitled "Joy Division" is also playing the big screens. Sadly, it will not show anywhere near me without both a long drive and a ferry ride.
This is something I am really looking forward to. Perhaps what this illustrates most is that certain aspects of my self never change.

As I was linking the site above, I noticed that I can order "Control" as a DVD. And indeed, I shall