Shimmer -

So often in our journeys temporal, Zeez looks past the obvious, to the inner tugs on the souls so embraced by her rememories. Today it is Esther who shimmers into view.

Esther who had no challenge by privilege of birth; Esther who made a very good marriage and had three beautiful children; Esther whose tapestry strands Zeez is unraveling for me. I am seeing in glorious detail. Just the strands, mind you.

Now this puzzle is gaining shape. Zeez is still struggling to find the great king piece that will allow me to see Esther as she does.

At last she looks right into my eyes and announces jubilantly:

"Her challenge was this - - -"

-and I learn -
what Zeez learned from the pains of another. In so naming she dispels yet another demon for me or at least shows me the secret to so dispel.

Greater love has no man that he would lay down his life for another.
Zeez' laying down is her act of the greatest love.