Panamaian Root Canal

There are times when I view the Universe as finite and dental horrors as endless.
Such as today when my latest dental adventure involved a root canal.
Interestingly, a dentists needle is the only one I do not faint from. This could be because I am already reclining or it could be that I have spent so much time in the big chair that the terror has worn down a little.

When checking for a dentist in Paradise a decade ago, my criteria included giving good needle. The man recommended to me turned out to be a gift from heaven. My dentist is amazing. Prior to Dr. Louis' tender ministrations, I had had a double root canal on my two back molars. Then crowns were put on. It was never for one day without pain afterwards, and some pretty awful oral surgery ensued. The next time I faced a root canal in my new Dentist's chair, my body almost levitated from fear. Despite losing 5 pounds in sweat that day, it was an all right experience.

Today, after finishing my dentistry, I wanted to know how many teeth in my mouth still have roots. Not many. Sometimes I feel like I am shovelling my way across the panama one little spadeful at a time. I just want it to be DONE ALREADY.

And the tooth that had the work today? It was the one that got moved extremely in the dental rearranging. Apparantly it could not take the stress. Since it enflamed I have been unable to wear my night appliance and in a few short weeks that tooth moved so far that the appliance no longer fits. *grrrr*

Research has shown that instead of being what we eat, we are more likely what our mothers ate. Pre-natal nutruition counts for alot in the development of healthy bones. My mother was anorexic. Explains many things. Mom's long gone. Like my bank balance.