THE MOST EVIL WOMAN ! (all caps)

THE most evil woman who ever lived.
The correct quote was:
"She was the wickedest woman I ever met. THE MOST EVIL ! She was mean and nasty and manipulative and utterly horrible."
Imagine embuing someone with that title.

Those sweeping statements of the absolute make my blood chill.
Admittedly people are at their worst when I meet them professionally, but it has been my experience that most people are pretty nice under the skin. A few prickles on top for some, but scratch a little deeper and generally there is decency. The exceptions tend to be those in severe pain. Mental, emotional or physical.

Funny thing about that awful wicked woman - I knew her fairly well.
Difficult - yes.
Strong-minded - yes.
Domineering - yes.
But evil? That is in God's skill set not mine. I am a strong believer in:
"As you judge so will you be judged."
It seems like an apt companion to the Golden Rule by my measure.

In a small town like mine, even with mass immigration of the wealthy newly retired, people know each other or know OF each other. The woman telling me this was a friend ( or so I thought) of a former elderly infirm client of mine. She was a tough old bird - 92 in a wheelchair and just a hair over 350 pounds. I knew this because the sling we used that had a maximum load of 350 broke under her.

Now comes the tragic bit of this tale.
The woman doing the telling told me with great animation how the facility in which Madame Wicked lived called her as her only next of kin/friend on record to tell her that death was imminent. They wanted to know if this woman would come and sit with her as she met her end. To their credit they told her that it was their policy that no person die alone.

And she said:
"I am not losing one moment's sleep over her. Trust me, she wants to die alone. If you or one of the Nurses want to sit with her so be it but I wont be shedding a tear."

How angry do you have to be to say those words?
Or to repeat the story?

Once again I reiterate:

Our resentments will kill us.
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Never mind Mrs. S. You were a righteous shit at times but I liked you.