This vacation time was booked to spend with a person who stood me up last year.
--- Rerun.

People without familial obligations have skewered concepts of what it is like to have heavy ties not easy loosened, let alone broken. I am not surprised, merely annoyed with myself for being coerced into behaviour unsustainable ( by the other). Now my vacation looks different.

Rocky Mountain Express here I come. With my brother.
It will be fun.

- * - * -

Now for what is not fun.
That disease that has settled into my best friends body.

The diagnosis was worst case. The cancer was not contained, and the breast must come off.
Chemotherapy and then, possibly another mastectomy. *(wince) This week we will do fun things and not mention that c-word. It is just a terrible time.

I do not want to lose one more person I love.