Change of Plan

The Rocky Mountain Express is out. We are going to Montreal.
On Sunday.

It is entirely possible I am the world's worst traveller. My brother knows this and is taking me anyway. He is in shock over my bf's dump of me. He couldn't believe anyone would not want to be with me, (uh huh) but when you have a TBI you get used to people not being able to handle your reality. I need more rest than 99% of people and I cannot stand noise or bright lights. (or breaks in routine, surprises and thousands of other things people take for granted)

I always tell evangelicals that I am not afraid of going to hell after death. I have lived my life in hell. It has to be better than this. Having said that I do love this crazy old world of ours and I am grateful for what quality of life I enjoy. Very, very grateful.

---note to self -- pack ear plugs, gameboy and dark glasses.