During the drugged and prone aspect of my little weekend drama, I not only missed a kite festival in my neighbourhood (and a personal appearance by Nigel on his Motoguzzi) but also a visit by Randy and Laust. The boyos stayed in my home overnight and not only did I not wake up, I did not know they were there until after they left. Thank GOD I caught Randy and Laust on the flip side. Barely, mind you but catch them I did. Now they are off to Vancouver for the Festival of Fire and the view from Randy's balcony.

I am once more alone in my abode so should I somniloquize tonight there shall be no witnesses, other than my doggie and he is the soul of discretion.

So.... She who drugs and sleeps away, lives to to fight another day.

I am not really promoting pharmaceuticals as a remedy for life, but they work and work well for brain-busting a broken brain. You are totally useless, but the body repairs as you zombie away. It has taken me years to admit this. I can now say it and mean it. Broken brains need drugging sometimes. And pain, the great equalizer, can change even the most stubborn mind.
After being told what I was shouting about last week, I have been very tempted to set up a voice activated tape recorder, but perhaps I am more scared..... than curious.
I am not sure I want to know.