The Weekend!

Ever more mundane and pedantic, my weekend thrills have become super-colossal.
This weekend, I YouTube-d the audio BBC Lord of the Rings - as I MUD-ded.

Now that may seem small spuds to you, but to me the thrill was palatable!

Tonight I logged on to my YouTube and once again revisited one of the biggest parties I ever went to waaaaay back when. It was *the Fleshtones* and man it was one hell of a party. That was what my olde weekends were. Hah.

I smile when I see the uploaded *Right Side of a Good thing* - !
And you can too.

Sometimes I do miss the wasted days. That would be me being wasted I mean.
I had so much energy! People always thought I was loaded or high when most of the time I was just completely excited beyond compare! But that night I was completely wasted. __Someone__ served me repeatedly a lethal cocktail of some kind. I had a blast.

I remember the next day by the pool announcing that the sun was hurting me.
It was 5pm. hah